Saturday, August 16, 2008


Alright, kids. I've gotten a couple of requests to post some pics of the cakes I have done. So, here it goes...

This was my first fondant covered cake (obviously). I HATED it, but that was the assignment. Being the good, little student that I am, I followed instructions.

Second fondant covered cake. I was a rebel this time and completely deviated from the assignment. Not too shabby considering I had NO CLUE what I was doing!

Cute idea, poor execution. I was really busy the week I made these flower pot cakes. Considering the time constraints, I was relatively pleased with myself. I learned a great deal while doing these, so I think I'll have a better turnout with the next ones.

Towards the end of my cake classes, I became a rebel. I didn't like any of the assignments, so I came up with my own designs. I really enjoyed making this cake. I'm not crazy about the flower colors, but I had some extra icing lying around, so I chose to use that instead of making a new batch. I think the butterfly is my favorite part of this cake.

My very first cake order! I was given free reign on the design. I was pretty pleased with it.

My second cake order! This was for a baby shower. The theme was "Whimsical Jungle" and the colors were brown and sage green. Again, I had free reign on the design. This was my "Plan B" cake. The original design was much more complex, but would not have been very stable for travel (over an hour away). I still have the sketch of the original design though. Maybe I'll get to do it someday.

This is my favorite cake to date. Not only was is super yummy, it was pretty freakin' awesome, too! I did this cake for my stepmother's 50th birthday. She loves hummingbirds and likes to garden, so I had my dad take a picture of the whiskey barrel in their front yard so I could replicate it. It's not an exact replica, but it's pretty close (I think). Everyone at the party didn't even realize it was a cake. Ha ha!

This cake was a complete DISASTER from start to finish! I hated this cake. It was my first attempt at Topsy Turvy. At least all the guests enjoyed it. They said it tasted great.

Last minute mini cakes that I did for Girls' Night. Cute, huh?

I did this cake as a sample for someone. I hated the way it turned out, so I just took it to work and let the guys in the shop eat it.

I had some left over cake after a cake tasting, so I tried some new techniques. I really like how this one turned out. I took it up to the FBO when I was finished with it. I got lots of compliments on this one.

My latest experiment: Petits Fours. Since this was my first attempt at them, I was pretty pleased with how they turned out. I took a bunch to the office, some to the FBO and some to the prop shop. Everyone loved them.

In the next few weeks, I've got several cakes to do. Be on the look out for...

Cookies for the Troops
60th Anniversary Cake - pink calla lilies (for my grandparents)
Megan's Birthday Cake - lollipops
Super secret birthday cake for my mom - it's going to be amazing (if I can pull it off ;-) )

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