Thursday, June 30, 2011

Let There be Dance!

So, I've taken up ballroom dancing these days. Thanks to Kathy at All About Ballroom, I am a dancing machine. :-) I got a taste of ballroom in college, but it just wasn't enough. I've been searching, on and off, for a few years trying to find a studio near the big city of Braselton. Shockingly, there were none to be found. Then, out of the blue, I get an email from my mom saying she's taking Swing Dance classes. She sent me a link to Kathy and I was all on board. My reintroduction to dance began with a Dirty Dancing performance class. I lived out a childhood dream and got to be "Baby" for an evening. My cousin and I used to pretend to be Baby and Johnny when we were younger. Naturally, I always got to be Baby and she was always Johnny. 7 weeks of preparation led to a stellar performance, complete with hip shaking, spins, and even a lift. I had the time of my life (pun intended)! Stay tuned for a post with the video.

Well, 7 weeks just wasn't enough. I'm on round two of performance classes. This time it's the Hustle. So. Much. Fun. See below for a sneak peek of the dance.

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