Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Striped Cake Tutorial

A HUGE thanks to pippilotta from CC for making a tutorial on a striped cake.


I have translated it to English for those that are non-German speaking (like myself).

1. Cover the entire cake with white Fondant.

2. Determine and mark the midpoint of the cake with the help of parchment paper.

3. Cut strips in the desired colors (there are approximately 12-15 strips of each color for this particular cake). Roll fondant very thin and cut with a pizza cutter along a ruler.

4. Put the strips aside and cover with plastic wrap so they don’t dry out.

5. Divide cake in 4 segments using strips (example shown using red strips). Now, work within quartered segments, alternating colored strips. Use an alcohol based substance (any flavor extract, vodka, etc) to attach strips. Attach the lower edge first. Round the strip over the top of the cake and taper the edge toward the center using a ruler and sharp knife.

6. Carefully mark the strip first with the ruler and cut off then with a sharp knife.

7. Continue placing strips within segments.

8. After attaching all strips, smooth surface with fondant smoother.

9. Attach a large bow on top.

BEAUTIFUL!! Again, thanks to pippilotta* for posting this tutorial!

*Permission to translate granted by pippilotta.

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Anonymous said...

woah... thats a cool cake!